Our Residents

I live at Robina Lodge, we have new management and catering. The standard is excellent and all are very obliging. We live in a very friendly place and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about moving to a Senior Living Complex
— Alma Fulford (Resident of Robina Lodge, November 2014)
I moved to Robina Lodge 7 months ago. There has been a change over in management and things have improved out of sight. Especially the cooking, the quality and quantity. My fellow residents are all friendly and happy which in return makes this a pleasant village to live. My congratulations to Andrew, Kristy and Raymond. I’d fully recommend it to anyone wishing to take up residence here.
— Yours truly, Jack Ireland & Mandy
I never thought I would be ready to live in an “Over 50’s” residence until well and truly into my 70’s when my sister told me about Robina Lodge at Merrimac, I said “no way” !
At her insistence, I decided to give Robina Lodge a go and I have never looked back!
I absolutely love the other residents, with whom lasting friendships are forged daily.

Since the charming owner took over the management of Robina Lodge, we enjoy delicious home-made meals prepared lovingly by in-house cook, Kristy, as well as a variety of social activities including a monthly “Happy Hour” drinks, nibblies and fun sing-a-longs, Melbourne Cup Lunch and many more!

The accommodation is so comfortable and clean and the beautiful gardens are maintained as such.
The managers work hard to make you feel like you’re living in your own home. I highly recommend to anyone contemplating a lifestyle change to check out Robina Lodge at Merrimac, and check-in now!
— Angela Martinez (Resident of Robina Lodge)
Best place in Gold Coast! Best food, best loving, caring, friendly people, best units, great location close to hospital and shops. Excellent doctors with bulk billed acupuncture (rare!) Great social life!!
— Sarah Shilton (Resident of Robina Lodge)